Vampire: Masquerade

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Vampire: Masquerade

Post by Dangerous » Tue Jan 19, 2021 10:37 am

Well, please write here about everything that is related to this great role-playing game which is Vampire: Masquerade

P.S Greetings to all Nosferatu from Camarila:>
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Re: Vampire: Masquerade

Post by Gor » Tue Jan 19, 2021 11:12 am

The most valued Gangrelites. Mainly for their mystery and great story.

It is also impossible to hide that the most interesting (in my and not only my opinion) clan is Tremere. Therefore, as they are clearly an offense against the will of Cain:

"Do not change the kri of the Illuminated,
rather listen to their words,
watch their movements,
and move swiftly against their blows:
a useful sword, but often too sharp "
Chronicle of Shadows
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Re: Vampire: Masquerade

Post by Leriel » Fri Jan 22, 2021 8:57 am

Well, I'm not saying that the Tremere are bad, because I was interested in them myself.
But the Nosferatu will, ugly but in my opinion the most human. She has to hide in sewers and cemeteries. Especially I appreciate Nosferatu for the prelidium I had when I started playing one of them. I recommend it to everyone, I almost cried out. I love such sessions.
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Triss Merigold
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Re: Vampire: Masquerade

Post by Triss Merigold » Fri Jan 22, 2021 9:19 am

A character from each clan can be good and atmospheric if the player is good. Nosferatu's way of life suits me best and that's why I play it now. The more so because I do not have a packaged form. How some players may. I don't enjoy this kind of thing. I prefer my character to be more than strength or dodge for 5
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Re: Vampire: Masquerade

Post by Woland » Fri Jan 22, 2021 9:32 am

Vampire is a system written under storytelling and climate. So role-playing instead of roll-playing. It all depends on the GM and the players. Any clan can be made into a cool character. When it comes to the climate, I like Tzimisce the most with vozhdami, shelves and human furniture. Or with cute games for mortals.

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Re: Vampire: Masquerade

Post by Veldrin » Fri Jan 22, 2021 9:37 am

When it comes to Toreador warriors, not all Toreador are hare-hearted babes. Swordsmanship is a discipline as beautiful and sublime as ballet, and probably more than one Toreador uses rapier extremely efficiently (especially if, thanks to his Acceleration, he is able to make "Seven Samurai", i.e. take out a blade, cut off your head, wipe the blade with a silk handkerchief and hide it on back to the vagina, before you even realize there is something wrong), and these more bestial Antitribu Toreador are known masters of pain and death, only slightly inferior to the more degenerate Tzimisca in this art.
There are combinations of Acceleration, Hypersensitivity and Presence for combat (you can find them, for example, in World of Darkness: Combat).
Interesting bloodlines - I also like Kiasyd a lot, but it's completely unplayable without "home modifications", a typical session for Kiasyd is "K: I devote myself to exploring the mysteries of the book of Nod. MG: OK, it's been 300 years." :)
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Re: Vampire: Masquerade

Post by Sylfil » Fri Jan 22, 2021 11:11 am

You also have to remember that you don't always have to play the character as it would seem from the clan. Anyone ever seen a purist Nosferatu? or an Assamite who has a code of honor as merit and has vowed not to kill. Although I don't know if other Assamites would do anything to him then, I don't know anything about Assamites. I like such a departure from the beaten track.
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Re: Vampire: Masquerade

Post by Onirke » Fri Jan 22, 2021 11:18 am

As for progeny:
Vampires aren't as concerned about their offspring as they might seem. Assamites are the ones who are most careful (basically every candidate should undergo 7 years of training as a ghoul and then be vampirized), Tremere and Ventrue (careful selection of the candidate in terms of influence, opportunities and opportunities).

If it is beneficial for the vampire or the clan to create a descendant in a given situation, then he will not look at the "trial periods", "traditional novices", but will go hunting without undue delay. The Toreador clan has a long and rich tradition of spontaneously creating descendants (because they are pretty, young, cool in bed, they currently have a fashionable gallery, because that stupid bitch won't get it if I can have it!). Gangrel and Nosferatu can be just as spontaneous, and the broadly understood Sabbath has no qualms about creating new descendants. Only high-ranking members of both sects, who have high prestige, will choose their descendants carefully and without haste.

Any "high-level" vampire can be extremely dangerous, not necessarily an Assamite or a fighter at all. Rafael de Corazon, one of the Founding Fathers of Camarilla, the mighty Toreador ("typical doll" by the way) easily defeated a large squad of combat-trained Sabbatchers without getting his hands dirty. How? Majesty + what else Cain on high Presence levels gave, and his ghouls delicately but firmly installed pins in the breasts of happily but suddenly loving saboteurs.

My character, the ancilla warrior Salubri, defeated Esakuri, the ancient Assamite, in a duel (although even now, being a mighty Elder, he would fear another confrontation).
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Re: Vampire: Masquerade

Post by Perv » Fri Jan 22, 2021 11:25 am

"About offspring

These are the words what Cain said
regarding our offspring
while in Enoch he reigned as a king.
Hear the words of Cain the Lawgiver:

"You will not make offspring against my will
and when it is given to you, go away,
choose later the Child of Adam well,
and think of him as a future Brother or Sister.

Look into the eternal night
and find Auriel's Prophecy:
that the Child will always arise
and he will kill the parent.

And know all that the Father
The child will win, and the Mother will win her daughter:
Only through my will you will reach the truth,
Only through my will to achieve Peace,
Only through my will you will achieve the Force Awakens.

And know the right to life and death
as it was in my time
will the Father always be above the Child
as established in Heaven
yes also on earth,
My father, Adam, over me,
I, on you,
You, my children, above what you have produced.

And you will not punish your children with your life
If it turns out it killed
one of your brothers
the blood of his heart was drunk.
It's the Way of the Serpent, and I can't take it.

You will not change the unworthy,
You will not use Transformation as a punishment,
Neither will you change the little ones, what
they should live long before they enter
My family, let the wisdom of our line

You will not change the sick
mad or in bad mood,
for they will spoil the blood.

There can never be more Kindred of Cain
than Kindred with Seth in one place,
one of Cain
for every three of Seth.

All Children will learn from the Fathers
Laws and Traditions
Rites and Customs
as I taught you "

The very beginning of the Shadow Chronicle.
As you can see, Camarilla somehow doesn't respect these words of Cain. Especially Malkavian and Nosferatu.

Historical figures are thinheads. How players can follow the game master's suggestions, they displease them. Unforgettable for an antediluvian, they sent a werewolf. Supposedly commendable, but suggested earlier.

And I think I'll go to the Assamites again for the book, because it's the first thing I hear about Esakuri. But I may be wrong, some suggestion for a generation, because it intrigued me (I keep lists of important vampires) and I would love to know something more.
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Re: Vampire: Masquerade

Post by Devil Baby » Fri Jan 22, 2021 11:32 am

I don't know if Esakuri was official or developed by MG. At least all black (from age and diabolism), and he entertained us with such an anecdote:
"And at one time I had my domain, and my neighbor Toreador his. Sometimes we played chess, and sometimes I entered him, he made me. That's normal. But then he declared war on me."
- What and what?
"So what? Well, and Byzantium has fallen."

Sending a werewolf on matuzalem, let alone an antediluvian, is kind of paranoid. The antediluvians have a power almost equal to the gods. They lived 12,000 years later, not because no one had ever come up with the idea of ​​sending a werewolf against them. Just because every potential werewolf, its principals, their families up to the seventh generation, round-trip and all those starting with the W had a bad ending, about a week before such a plan was born in their heads.

There are only a few documented cases of the destruction of the Antediluvian (Saulot, Cappadocia, Lasombra, Tzimisce, Brujah), and first of all, all these events were due to the intrigues of entire clans and not weak units, and second, it is not entirely clear whether any of these diableries really was successful.

Of course, according to the Golden Rule "This is your game" and if you want, you can diabolize both Cain, Gaia, Charon and Queen Titania together, but with the spirit of WoDu it will not have much to do with it.

In the case of the more powerful White Wolf npcs, their descriptions contain points like "Players have no chance to confront this opponent. If they attack him, they will die". These records are there for a reason. In a society of unscrupulous predators such as vampires, the so-called "Wierchuszka" does not sit on thrones because others allow them to do so, and because their powers and resources available to them make them, to put it in short soldier words, "impossible to move".

Camarilla obeys Cain's words as zealously as people obey the laws and catechisms.
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