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Neither dog nor otter - something like a drill. This can be said about Daemonica. The gentlemen from RA Images gave us a game that is probably the easiest to classify as an action / adventure because it is very difficult to include it as part of an adventure game or cRPG.

First things first. We play the role of Nicholas Farepoynt, the Beast Hunter. He has the amazing and rare ability to move into the world of the dead and talk to them. Nicholas is invited to a small medieval town in northern England. The mayor asks our hero to solve the case of the disappearance of two elderly people. The matter seems simple, but on the spot it turns out that while our hero was on his way to the settlement, a young girl, the fianc�e of the gravedigger, who was hanging on a noose, was killed. Well, now the two events will have to be linked ...

At first glance, Daemonica is a 3D adventure game with controls and views of characters and surroundings a la Neverwinter Nights. From the adventure games, the game took the use of objects on top of each other, looking for them and all sorts of "combining". We also have inventory. The game "took" the fight with cRPG. It is very simple (LMB - attack; space - block) and most fights can be won without any problems, but if someone has a chess reflex, the options include the option to choose the so-called a simplified fight, as a result of which it is impossible not to win the fights;) So our character can die in several places, i.e. like in cRPG - it has health points. These points, however, cannot be increased (in the case of wounds, you can heal a potion or one of the NPCs), our character also does not have any other factors. What else is "erpegate" in Daemonica? Several times we will have to make choices, let's call them - moral choices. The ending will depend on these choices.
Nicholas keeps a diary, like in racial eRPeGach, in which he records information about any encountered characters. He also has notes there, incl. about making potions. Yes - our hero has to make potions sometimes. Potions are used to heal wounds, are useful in several quests, and are used to "travel" to the world of the dead. We prepare them with herbs that grow in different parts of the town and its surroundings. The game is divided into 5 acts, the plants grow back after each, so there is no chance that we will run out of herbs.
The map is also a nice convenience. We don't have to run back and forth. All important locations are marked on the map as you explore them and you only need to click on the map to find yourself in a given location. It really saves time. The level of difficulty is appropriate, there are no absurd puzzles here.
Since I'm always on the plus side, it's worth mentioning the story. It turns on really well and keeps you in suspense. The atmosphere of the game is really amazing. Dark and heavy. Everything enhanced by great music. They may not be songs that you want to listen to while you relax, but they're great for playing.

The NPCs are also well constructed. Everyone has their own original character, a different purpose of staying in the town, an attitude to the mission and our hero. Polish voices are also fine.
Minuses? Well the game is short, way too short! 15 hours is the maximum. It's a pity. The area in which we are moving is also not impressive, it is only a town and the adjacent areas. And the graphics, not very good already in the year of release.

But what not to say. Daemonica is a very good game. Few disadvantages are offset by the number of advantages, and the game will suit everyone who likes cRPG or adventure games. This is one of the most original and best titles I have played recently. I recommend it the most.
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