Tides of Numenara

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Tides of Numenara

Post by Matsui » Fri Dec 31, 2021 11:26 am

Either way, the game is quite short. The steam counter shows me 30h, but I was reading a lot (to see what would happen if I did something different). And a few times I had to do a longer AFK, because the baby was calling at night. I think the actual value is about 25h.

For now, the title has tired me, but I will come back to it. For sure.
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Tides of Numenara

Post by Onirke » Fri Dec 31, 2021 12:01 pm

And I finished, and Steam showed me 40 hours on the meter. I tried to read every line of the text and discover every secret, also by reloading the game and checking other possibilities. It was really tiring. Ultimately, I am satisfied, although not saturated, which will be discussed later.

As for the ending, there is no perfect solution, but I liked two of them the most. The first time I closed the Forsaken in Matkin, which gave a good (in the sense of goodness of heart) result. Then I chose Reboot Until the Beginning of History - and that's the best option in my opinion, because Despair agrees to leave Forsaken for more or less human life, and then takes them away.
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Tides of Numenara

Post by Brerg » Fri Dec 31, 2021 1:41 pm

Gentlemen, a real game player does not load the game to see what happens when he makes a different choice, and he chooses "dupiero" differently during the next game - this way the second attempt will be much more interesting :-P
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Tides of Numenara

Post by Hawking » Fri Dec 31, 2021 3:32 pm

Only a man who has no family, no children and has a spare time :)
It's not a huff, it's a statement of fact. I used to do that myself.


But it is so average with Matkina, because the girl finally finishes when she finishes. IMO a huge waste of potential. It is much better to throw the self of rejecters into Miika. Most, Abojawa, is the Paladin ending.

The second solution is also wrong, because it is a half-measure.

The most boarish is the destruction of Despair (arguing that it is for the good of the rejecters, because it is our family - Despair does not kill the main character then) and saving the rejecters. At the expense of Sagus Cliffs and Bloom where tens of thousands of people go mad and the slaughter begins. Matkina comments beautifully that I have done an extraordinary thing. He is more disgusted with me than with the First et Consortes. The first one congratulates the spine, and Callistege ... well, unlucky // spell

And the most silver is drawing the self into itself, saying that we do not want to die // spell Callistege feels admiration for us and becomes our friend for loooong years // spell
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Tides of Numenara

Post by Alfa » Fri Dec 31, 2021 5:00 pm

As I wrote, there is no perfect solution, each one has a different character and represents a different trend. And the variant of Matkina is positive, because she does only good things and then rests in peace of mind. I preferred to choose a sister friend than a phantom from the past (which, although I deserved it, does not suit me in a male // spell body). Anyway, Matkina sees it as a redemption opportunity that she uses.
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Tides of Numenara

Post by Woland » Fri Dec 31, 2021 5:36 pm

Well, yes ... I enjoyed the game a lot. Despite the large number of errors, shortcomings and oversights, it is simply great. Why? Due to the awesome setting, the world of Numenera, which is covered by Planescepe as he wants, when he wants and what he wants. The potential of this universe is enormous, and the New Torment has only used its fractions. The places where the gameplay meets the whole of Numenera and the Ninth World are the deepest and allow you to extrapolate their really wide horizons. Here is a universe of infinite possibilities in depth and breadth, possibilities that are very interesting and always addictive for one more hour.

The main plot itself is only ok, you can see that it has been briefly treated for the development of the world. The latter awakened my appetite for more stories, more companions and even more opportunities. The teammates are cool, but their quests are too shallow and small. The main story is similar. The figure of the Lord Incarnate has finally failed me, I would like to follow in his footsteps more and I would like more of his participation. Everything had much more potential.

So the pain of ToN is that it was done in a hurry and with too little energy / time for the real intentions. Kickstarter --_- Shortness hits almost every point in the game, with many threads asking for a broader outline. The couple, however, went to the setting and the rest was not enough. Kickstarter --_-

What I am ambivalent about is the amount of text needed to read, which is mainly the gameplay. It's very ambitious, but almost crazy these days. Alone, after entering the Sagus Cliffs, I crashed into the wall of text of the first encountered npcs and it took me a moment to accept this state of affairs. So it is hard for me to imagine that a player who does not have adequate reading experience or classic role-plays would be able to accept it. Seriously, there is more writing here than in Old Torment. Which personally doesn't bother me anymore, or even like it, but objectively, probably no game should require that much reading.

The obvious disadvantages are: clunky interface, clunky and too carelessly implemented mechanics, coarse gameplay, weak, crude and easy combat system, easy to pass dialogue tests. Which together makes ToN more adventure-adventure with an RPG accent than a full-blood role-playing game.

As for the Polish translation, it was also done hastily and without panache. It is full of typos and missing lines of untranslated text, and the paragraphs read aloud has very few. Each of the main characters only makes a few taunts. Fronczewski reads 3-4 paragraphs. Poorly.

And still the game is awesome, better than Pillarsy and much better than Tyranny. You can see the advantages that I have mentioned are the most important to me, and the rest blend in with them. Overall, however, I consider Old Torment to be a better production and I look forward to the next unveiled Numenery / Ninth World to change it. PLAY!

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Tides of Numenara

Post by Vataes » Fri Dec 31, 2021 5:37 pm

I repeat once again - you have absolutely no idea about the world of Planescape ....
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Tides of Numenara

Post by Murin » Fri Dec 31, 2021 5:49 pm

Even though I have always found Planescape Torment to be an outstanding title, always in the top ten, I have never been a huge fan of it. Not quite my "climate", a very limited AD&D system, "wooden" combat system and this "getting excited" by everyone with the question: What can change the nature of man? Probably because I have always considered them a bit of pseudo-philosophical gibberish, because in my opinion there is no such thing as human nature :) Never mind. I have never worshiped or adored this title, so I did not wait with a flushed face for Torment: Tides of Numenera.
The time has come, however, that I also finished the game. And I must admit that after many negative opinions on the internet, I am surprised. And that's nice.
Numenera (this is how I will describe this game later in the text) takes us to an absurdly distant future (about a billion years), probably to Earth, although it is difficult to talk about the traces of our civilization, because in the game universe, the world has witnessed the fall and emergence of many civilizations, and we come to the stage of civilization close to the Middle Ages, although every now and then you can find mysterious artifacts of the past (so-called numbers), which are a product of advanced technology. Our main character is also somehow ... a creation. In the Ninth World we will explore, there is a being called the Lord of Incarnations - he has attained immortality by shifting consciousness from body to body. The problem is that the abandoned body ... also gains consciousness and becomes a de facto newborn human. Our hero is just such a newborn who has to find a place in this strange world; especially since he is being chased by a mysterious being called Despair.
Our hero is immortal like the Nameless One in Torment, although there are a few events during which he may die forever. Interestingly, death, the final one, will never happen during a fight. One is that it is impossible - no one but Despair can kill us forever, two - there is very little combat in this game. RPG fans may be amazed, because it may turn out that they will get their weapons for the first time after a few hours of gameplay. Is that okay? In fact, yes: the game does not prevent a character focused on fighting and solving problems in this way. Especially that among the companions there are more than talking and more than slapping the mouths with a sword .... Exactly. Comrades. We travel with up to three out of six. They are quite nice written, although it must be admitted that only two characters stand out in particular: Erritis, a bit dull, with an ego-bulky powerful warrior, who even shines (really!) With an aura of his "horror" and is a parody of all kinds of brave knights and other heroes from pop culture and Rhin, an approximately eleven-year-old girl who is a typical fictional character and has become one of my favorite companions in generally understood cRPG - she fights weakly (although she has great dexterity and when she gets a ranged weapon based on dexterity, she becomes a great support), it rains very quickly once they attack her, however ... she is the best-written character in Nu mener, she has a great quest related to her, her dialogues with other companions make her smile and ... she talks to the stone, but why you will discover it yourself :)
Did I say you talk more than fight here? There are a lot of conversations, descriptions in between them also, sometimes a bit water-less, but on the plus side. The vast majority of quests can be solved by means of an appropriate conversation and in various ways - the dialogue can be conducted in different ways, depending on our abilities (such as Intimidation) or in general: world view. These dialogues determine what current (in fact: character type) dominates our character, which will have some influence on the ending of the game. The fight, which is not much, is played in a turn-based system, although nothing would have happened if it had been a mode with an active pause because it would have accelerated it - because there is no ... tactical depth from, for example, the Temple of Primordial Evil. Well, it's ok.
I did not mention anything about the mechanics, which is based on the "paper" RPG Numenery system and although this system is not entirely "clear" to me, during the game you will easily see that character development is quite pleasant and gives some ... interesting possibilities .
What else? Didn't I mention music or graphics? To be honest, the first one was playing somewhere in the background and I completely didn't pay attention to it, which is probably not sensational, although I like the song from the main menu. Graphically, it is basically the same as in the first Pillars, because the game was created on the same engine.
Is Tides of Numenera a worthy successor to the old Torment? There is probably no good answer to this question. The game with the old Torment has only the title of the immortal, nameless hero and the fact that he is an isometric team game. Of course, it has a very good story, with many endings, but the atmosphere of the game is completely different, and I also think that the setting, which is a mishmash of fantasy, sf and post-apo, is a lot of fun.
louse and reminds me a bit of Gene Wolfe's "The Book of the New Sun". And frankly speaking: I will return to N�menera sooner than to old Tormenta. It turned out that I got the title of outstanding, one of the best erpegs in the history of the genre. And a small digression at the end: often old players (those of my age, i.e. around thirty and older) say that in the past "games were better". Probably some of them, but I don't think it's erpegi; We have been experiencing a renaissance of the genre for several years, perhaps this is the Golden Age of cRPG. Obsidianu games, Lords of Xulima, Legend of Grimrock 1 and 2, the new Torment, many are delighted with the Original Sin series (I personally bounced from this series). I think that recently (i.e. since the appearance of the first Pillars and the first Legend of Grimrock) we are dealing with better RPGs than in the times of Black Isle and Bioware (counting to the fall of Troika, because it was "dry" later). Well, that's about it :) Who has not played - let him play Torment: Tides of Numenera.
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Tides of Numenara

Post by fabulousfreesia » Fri Dec 31, 2021 5:54 pm

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